Advertising As A Public Nuissance

Advertising has been for a long time now regarded as one of the most productive ways in which companies or entities in general could create and transmit a message to the large public. Individuals passionate about marketing have started to specialize in the field and have greatly contributed to the development of this field. They have developed new, innovating ways in which they can attract the attention of masses or targeted audiences and they have managed to increase their business to a level that would bring them an unimaginable profit. Advertising is certainly a profitable and successful business for those who make a living out of it, but how is this business perceived by the end consumer or simply put, by the audience itself?

Advertising has evolved into different strategies to capture the attention of the public, no matter whether the public wanted this or not. Obviously, there is no better way to make a product, service or idea known than by using the techniques of advertising. However, most advertisers tend to cross the line when it comes transmitting their message in the sense that their commercials are often aggressive and they tend to become a nuisance for the end user.

Online advertising and TV advertising are two of the areas in which people tend to complain more for being bothered by adverts. Firstly, everyone is annoyed by the increased popularity of TV commercials which tend to be too long and too often played during popular TV shows. Secondly, internet advertising has become considerably important in the area especially because there are so many people using the internet and thus potential buyers. Web advertising is often disruptive as it may interrupt the user from its activities. People have therefore tried to avoid commercials and as a result they are more and more interested in the digital video recorders which allow them to record their TV shows and skip the commercials when viewing.

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